The Scuttlebutt | Season 4 Episode 4

The Scuttlebutt takes a field trip this week to North Allegheny High School (Pennsylvania) to talk with Air Force JROTC instructors, Terry Speer, CMSgt (Ret. Air Force) and Don Accamando, Lt. Col. (Ret. Air Force) about the benefits, challenges, and successes that await you in the Junior ROTC. They are joined by Cadet 2nd Lieutenant Josephine “Josie” Olmstead and Cadet Major Makenzie “Kena” Shannon who offer insightful first-hand accounts of their time in Junior ROTC and how it has prepared them for successful careers after high school. You can find out more about JROTC at or if you are interested in joining a Junior ROTC program, you can read more at Watch the full episode at

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