Marshall and his WWII GeneralsHistorian Stephen Taaffe, author of Marshall and His Generals, joins us on Greatest Generation Live to discuss how General George C. Marshall, chief of staff of the U.S. Army during World War II, selected his top combat commanders according to their character, education, wisdom, and energy.

Some of his choices, like Ike and MacArthur, became famous. Others, mostly forgotten.

If you’re a WWII history buff, tell us who your own favorite WWII Army generals are and we’ll include your evaluations on our program and compare them to Marshall’s.

Look over this list of 37 high-ranking commanders, select your top five selection and send them to us at

List of Theater, Army Group, Field Army, and Corps Commanders

  1. John Anderson (XVI Corps)
  2. Omar Bradley (II Corps, 1st Army, 12th Army Group)
  3. Edward Brooks (VI Corps)
  4. Simon Buckner (10th Army)
  5. Lawton Collins (VII Corps)
  6. Gilbert Cook (XII Corps)
  7. Charles Corlett (XIX Corps)
  8. Willis Crittenberger (IV Corps)
  9. Jacob Devers (6th Army Group)
  10. Mark Clark (5th Army, 15th Army Group)
  11. Manton Eddy (XII Corps)
  12. Robert Eichelberger (I Corps, 8th Army)
  13. Dwight Eisenhower (European Theater commander)
  14. Leonard Gerow (V Corps, 15th Army)
  15. Alvan Gillem (XIII Corps)
  16. Oscar Griswold (XIV Corps)
  17. Wade Haislip (XV Corps)
  18. Charles Hall (XI Corps)
  19. John Hodge (XXIV Corps)
  20. Courtney Hodges (1st Army)
  21. Clarence Huebner (V Corps)
  22. Geoffey Keyes (II Corps)
  23. Walter Krueger (6th Army)
  24. Douglas MacArthur (Southwest Pacific Theater commander)
  25. George Marshall (chief of staff)
  26. Raymond McLain (XIX Corps)
  27. Troy Middleton (VIII Corps)
  28. John Millikin (III Corps)
  29. Alexander Patch (XIV Corps, 7th Army)
  30. George Patton (II Corps, 7th and 3rd Armies)
  31. Matthew Ridgway (XVIII Corps)
  32. Franklin Sibert (X Corps)
  33. William Simpson (9th Army)
  34. Palmer Swift (I Corps)
  35. Lucian Truscott (VI Corps, 5th Army)
  36. James Van Fleet (III Corps)
  37. Walton Walker (XX Corps)