Kevin Horgan summed up this conversation with fellow VETLANTA member Lloyd Knight and as being “about everything and nothing.”

In truth, they talk about VETLANTA’s work connecting veterans, nonprofits, businesses, and more through quarterly summits. VETLANTA is a nonprofit organization based in Atlanta, Georgia, that focuses on supporting veterans and their families.

The organization collaborates with various stakeholders, including businesses, government agencies, and other nonprofits, to create a network that addresses the needs of veterans. VETLANTA aims to provide veterans with resources and opportunities for employment, education, and community engagement.

The organization often works on initiatives that help veterans transition into civilian life successfully, leveraging the skills and experiences gained during their military service. Key aspects of VETLANTA’s work may include job placement programs, educational support, mentorship opportunities, and community outreach events. The organization likely plays a role in fostering a supportive community for veterans in the Atlanta area, facilitating connections between veterans and local businesses.

The conversation also touched on personal stories, including Marine Corps Birthday celebrations and humorous encounters with notable figures like legendary Marine Woody Williams.

Kevin Horgan talked about his new book and his podcast, “The Landing Zone,” focused on helping veterans and spouses navigate their career transitions. Finally, the discussion emphasized the importance of supporting established veteran service organizations and highlighted the work of charities like Tunnels to Towers and Higher Heroes.

The guys discuss their favorite military movies, including “Paths of Glory,” “1917,” “Dunkirk,” and “Sergeant York.” Colonel Mark Frampton joins the conversation and shares his military journey, influenced by several men in his life who were Marines. They discuss the challenges of being a load master in the Air Force, sharing amusing anecdotes about interactions with different branches of the military and touch upon the upcoming release of the Air Force version of “Band of Brothers” titled “Masters of the Air.”

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