World War II veteran Julian Moses joins Vet-A-Thon to talk about serving as a submarine sailor in with Greatest Generation Live Host Glenn Flickinger.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, New Jersey, Julian served for six years, facing significant sacrifice and hardship during his service in the Pacific theater. Julian recounts his first dive in a submarine and discusses the evolving role of fleet submarines, initially involved in diverse missions such as rescuing pilots and hauling cargo before focusing on sinking Japanese shipping. He talks about the unique rotation system on submarines, emphasizing the preference for family men as captains for their cautious approach. The crucial role of submarines in the Pacific theater is borne in statistics on the sinking of Japanese ships and its impact on Japan’s war effort.

The USS Bush, the submarine Julian served on, played a vital role in these operations. Julian describes the conditions on the submarine, including the greasy engine room and the challenges of recharging batteries at night. As a submarine electrician, Moses details his responsibilities and the hazards he faced, such as an incident where a panel board he was working on exploded, resulting in injuries. Post-war, Julian faced challenges in returning to active submarine duty due to his specialty, reflecting on the loneliness of being in Guam while others returned home.

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