Screenshot of the VBC living list of WWII moviesIf you haven’t joined our Wednesday morning coffee hour in a while, you’ve missed a rapid-fire on-going conversation about war movies. We’ve been focusing especially on WWII movies but the discussion has veered into other genres. We’ve been keeping a list of the movies mentioned, and it’s now up to 95! You can view it, download it, or add to it here. Better yet, join us and contribute to the conversation!

We’re still on a reduced schedule—”VBC-Lite”–but will be back at it three-days-a-week on February 1. This week we have two events: our VBC Coffee Hour Wednesday at 9:00am and Part 2 of our conversation with Red Cross Donut Dollies and Kelly Crager of the Vietnam Center and Archive on Thursday at 5:00pm. Join us! All are welcome!

We’ll continue our movie talk and other conversation on Wednesday. Join us!

Wednesday, January 13 at 9am on Zoom


We’ll be talking about From Here to Eternity and other WWII movies and topics.

Also join us on Thursday as we continue our fun conversations with Red Cross Donut Dollies, Vietnam veterans, and others.

Thursday, January 14, 5:00pm-6:30pm EST

Meeting ID: 640 261 8738 (no password)

Everyone is invited to join the conversation and program!