Brigadier General Chris Petty (US Army, retired) talks about the 12 battles from US history every American should know.

He walks us through Lexington and Pearl Harbor, Yorktown, Bunker Hill and Little Bighorn, and several others to discuss their historical significance and importance to the American identity.

The conversation is drawn from BG Petty’s book, which provides insights into key leaders, ideas, and conflicts that have shaped the nation.

These battles represent critical turning points, beginnings, or landmarks in America’s history.

He’ll emphasize the strategic context of each battle, where leaders develop operational frameworks to achieve victory, but must adjust in response to events and decisions. The lessons from these battles reflect enduring patterns in warfare and history, shedding light on the continuities, causations, and correlations in military engagements.

War has been a constant in human history, and understanding battles helps us comprehend the broader concept of war itself. Ultimately, the book underscores how battles have played a decisive role in shaping American ideas and the nation’s destiny.

Along the way, we ask Chris Petty about his own service, which spanned 31 years. Graduating from the United States Military Academy at West Point in 1987, Petty commanded troops at various levels, including the 2-135th Aviation battalion during the “Surge” in Iraq.

He led the unit through 100 successful large-scale, nighttime, air-assault operations in support of the Theater Special Operations Task Force. Despite facing numerous enemy engagements and challenges, he ensured the safe return of all personnel, earning the unit the Meritorious Unit Citation and the prestigious “Outstanding National Guard Aviation Unit of the Year Award.”

He also served in command of NATO Headquarters in Bosnia and as the Deputy Director of Operations for United States Northern Command (USNORTHCOM).

After retiring from the military, General Petty founded Battle Digest, a military history publication that utilizes historical battles as case studies to uncover timeless lessons of leadership and war.

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