John S. Williams

. . Army Captain John S. Williams of Ridgway, Pennsylvania served as a medical doctor with the 104th Medical Battalion of the 29th Division.  Shortly after his daughter Ann was born, he was killed in Normandy in 1944 when his Jeep struck a mine as it rushed to the wounded on

Leonard Weitzman

. . During WW II Leonard Weitzman served with the Army in Europe. During June 2-3, 2013, we had the fortunate opportunity to hear and preserve the stories of six Pittsburgh area WWII veterans at century old Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hall & Museum.  As we usually did during our visits

Eugene Vish

. . Eugene R. Vish comes from a large and very patriotic family.  During WWII, three brothers served in the Pacific and three in Europe.  They all returned safely from the war and rarely talked about their service. “It’s what we had to do,” he says of America’s role in the war.

Woody Versaw

. . Woody Versaw was a first-semester student at Franklin and Marshall College hitchhiking home to see his girlfriend for her birthday when he heard the news about Pearl Harbor on a truck radio. Like many young men at that time, he dropped out of college and tried to enlist in

Dorothy Tyler

. . By her own admission, Dorothy Tyler of Aliquippa, Pennsylvania has lived a very active life. At 90, she lives up to her words–and deeds–as a respected elder and vibrant leader of her family, community, and church. During WW II, Mrs. Tyler served as another kind of leader, although she

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