Mel De Mars

Grew Up In: Toledo, OH Rank, Service: U.S. Army, SSgt Years Served: January 1942 through December 1945 Places Served: Landing in north Africa ('42), Kasserine Pass ('43), landing in Sicily ('43), landing in Salerno ('43), landing in southern France ('44), Battle of the Bulge

Michael J. Nemchick

Grew Up In: McKeesport, PA Rank, Service: US Army, 1st Cavalry, Air Mobile, Private First Class Years Served: 1965-1966 Places Served: Bong Son Province, Republic of Vietnam Story: PFC Nemchick was KIA 2/22/1966 at the age of 18. He was awarded

Paul Warholak

Grew Up In: Carnegie, PA Rank, Service: Army 1st Cavalry Years Served: 1946 Places Served: Army Occupation Forces Japan Story: As a student in high school, Paul attempted to enlist with his older brothers but was denied due to his age.

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