written by Todd DePastino

7th graders and Veteran Jerry Augustine saluting for Veterans Day

Vietnam Veterans and great spirit Jerry Augustine sent this photo taken this week at Beman Middle School in Middletown, Connecticut. The photo captures the meeting of 7th graders and Jerry, member of The Veterans of the Vietnam War, Middletown, Inc., which comes into the school every year around Veterans Day to educate and inspire the students.

Fifty-seven years ago, Jerry brought his old Brownie camera to Vietnam and took hundreds of photos as he served with the 196th Light Infantry Brigade. He brought a photo album to share with the students. The veterans of Middletown rotated  among the tables of students every ten minutes so students could hear different ways veterans served.

“The students were very inquisitive which made the morning all the more enjoyable and fruitful,” said Jerry.

Jerry wrote a book about his experiences, Vietnam Beyond. He served with the 196th Light Infantry Brigade, 3rd Battalion / 21st Infantry from August 4, 1966 to March 1, 1967 at Tay Ninh province, Bo Loi woods, Ho Bo woods, Iron triangle, Cambodian Border, and Ho Chi Minh trail. Then served with the 4th Infantry Division, 2nd Battalion / 12th infantry from March. 1967 to August 4, 1967 at Dau Tieng, Michelin Rubber plantations, and north and north-west in battles near Cambodian border and Ho Chi Minh trail. He participated in operations including Attelboro, Cedar Falls, Gadsden, and Junction City.