What Is a Warrant Officer?

Written by Shaun HallBetween Enlisted and regular Officers sits a strange thing called a "Warrant Officer." Warrant Officers get saluted and are called "sir," but they have their own pay grades and do not receive their rank by commission . . . unless they're "Commissioned Warrant Officers." Shaun Hall breaks it all down below.What Military

Admiral Sandra Stosz on VBC Happy Hour

In honor of Women's History Month, VBC Happy Hour is proud to welcome Admiral Sandy Stosz, a 40-year Coast Guard veteran and first female commandant of a US Service Academy. Sponsored by Tobacco Free Adagio Health.

Milan Yencho

. . Milan Yencho began his military career in 1947 when he entered the US Navy. After serving aboard the destroyers USS Howard (DD-179) and USS Thomas (DE-102) he transferred to the US Coast Guard in 1952 where he sailed aboard 4 other ships.

Don Vitous

. . Don Vitous entered the US Coast Guard in October 1942 and was assigned to beach patrol along the Gulf Coast.  Don’s bother, John, who was a member of the 4th Infantry Division, died in Auckland, Germany after participating in the invasion of Normandy.  Don returned home after leaving the Coast Guard

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