What Is a Warrant Officer?

Written by Shaun Hall Between Enlisted and regular Officers sits a strange thing called a "Warrant Officer." Warrant Officers get saluted and are called "sir," but they have their own pay grades and do not receive their rank by commission . . . unless they're "Commissioned Warrant Officers." Shaun Hall breaks it all down

Milan Yencho

. . Milan Yencho began his military career in 1947 when he entered the US Navy. After serving aboard the destroyers USS Howard (DD-179) and USS Thomas (DE-102) he transferred to the US Coast Guard in 1952 where he sailed aboard 4 other ships.

Don Vitous

. . Don Vitous entered the US Coast Guard in October 1942 and was assigned to beach patrol along the Gulf Coast.  Don’s bother, John, who was a member of the 4th Infantry Division, died in Auckland, Germany after participating in the invasion of Normandy.  Don returned home after leaving the Coast Guard

Frank Hynds

. . Francis “Frank” Hynds was born in The Bronx, New York City. By his own admission, Frank wasn’t a very good student but he was smart enough to know that joining the Coast Guard in the 1950s would be a good job for a kid looking for his start in

George Herwig

. . George Herwig George Herwig joined the Coast Guard in 1942 because the recruiting line was shortest.  He served on a supply ship serving in both the Atlantic and Pacific.  “We were in the Coast Guard, assigned to a Navy ship, and serving under the Army.  The result was,

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