War and Transgenerational Trauma

  Combat veterans may not tell their children about their experiences, but they transmit them invisibly, almost imperceptibly, through deep channels of influence in the mind, body, and psyche. Author, artist, and son of Vietnam veteran Carl Sciacchitano joins us to talk about his family story as captured in his new graphic memoir, The Heart

The Battle of Britain

In preparation for our September VBC trip to England for a tour of English air fields and WWII sites, Glenn Flickinger gives us a presentation on the Battle of Britain, a clash of air power to control the skies over Britain and the English Channel. We will experience a re-enactment of the battle at the

Veterans Open Conversation

VBC Scuttlebutt is a virtual watering hole where camaraderie and connection flow as freely as laughter and shared stories. Join us to swap stories, good and bad, at home and overseas, old and new. At the VBC, veterans from every era and branch are drawn together by the warm glow of shared purpose. The stories

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