Alex Yawor

. . Alex Yawor served with the US Marines in the Pacific during WWII. Painter Yawor produces portraits of killed military personnel Your Content Goes Here

Bob Williams

. . Bob landed at Parris Island at a hard time for the Marines.  The Corps was so short of manpower that the teenage Bob soon became a drill instructor, barking orders at recruits a dozen years older than he.By 1944, Bob had transferred to the new 24th Marine Regiment,

Rege Wessell

. . Regis Wessell of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania wanted to be a marine, like his uncle who served in WWI, but the recruiter didn’t think the young lad had the right stuff.  “Go join the Boy Scouts,” the gruff Sgt. barked, belittling Regis for his small stature.  Besides, he was only seventeen.

Jack Watson

. . Perhaps it was in war when humans first encountered the failure of language to convey the enormity of experience.  After 70 years, Marine Corps veteran Jack Watson still struggles with that gap between word and meaning. Jack Watson joined the Marines in 1942 because he liked the Marine Corps

Jack Snyder

. . Jack Snyder graduated at age 17 from Monessen High School in 1942, joined the Marines, and soon after became a machine gunner with the 4thMarine Division. He wouldn’t hesitate if you asked whom he thinks of on Memorial Day: Marine Sgt. George L. Barlow of Verbank, NY.  Barlow was a

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