Fred Garrow

During WWII, Fred Garrow, Jr. left his home in Uniontown, Pennsylvania and served as an infantryman in Europe with the 79th Division. He would spend a career in the army. He was twice sent to Korea during that war, but when the Vietnam War broke out he was adamant about not going again to fight another war in Asia. He tried to retire, but his plans were overruled. Eventually, Fred pulled the right strings with a general acquaintance and he was discharged from the service with more than 21 years of service.

In June 2017, Fred passed away just one day after his 89th birthday.

This interview was recorded September 24, 2015 at Seven Oaks Country Club in Beaver, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Interviewer: Kevin Farkas. Special Thanks: Fred Garrow, Joe Garrow, Seven Oaks Country Club. A production of the Veteran Voices of Pittsburgh Oral History Initiative. Executive Producer: Kevin Farkas. Videography: Kevin Farkas, Bryan Chemini. Editor: Kevin Farkas.

“I lied about my age.” During WWII Fred Garrow wanted to escape his home life, and so he joined the army and fought in Europe with the famed 79th Infantry Division, noted by its blue and silver “Cross of Lorraine” insignia.

This video short is a production of the Veteran Voices of Pittsburgh Oral History Initiative. It was recorded September 2, 2015 at a Veterans Breakfast Club storytelling event in Beaver, Pennsylvania. Host: Todd DePastino. Producers: Kevin Farkas/Bryan Chemini.

Fred Garrow: You’ll Survive from Veterans Breakfast Club on Vimeo.