Greg Kobasa

Greg Kobasa volunteered for the Navy in 1968 and served in Vietnam as a Navy corpsman attached to the 3rd Marine Amphibious Force that patrolled in I Corps. Greg served as corpsman in a combined action platoon, which included both US Marines and South Vietnamese soldiers. His platoon operated south of Danang.

Greg arrived in Vietnam in April 1969 and left before his tour of duty was over in early January 1970 due to contracting hepatitis. After Greg left, his platoon was overrun, and most of its men were either killed or wounded.

In April 2013, Vietnam veteran Greg Kobasa joined us for our first veterans oral history educational project at Winchester-Thurston School in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  He was part of our effort to work with teachers and students to provide an interesting workshop covering the oral history process, appropriate interview questions, special considerations when interviewing veterans, active listening skills, and oral history ethics.

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