John Bowen

During WW II, Sergeant John Bowen served with the Army’s 5th Armored “Victory” Division.  Deep into the German winter of 1944, four days from Christmas, John’s unit lost radio contact with its field commanders. Combat was fierce and heavy.  Without control, the men were fighting chaos.  Communications has to be restored, so John volunteered to cross a field that was under enemy fire to tell gun crews to lift fire.  While scrambling across the barren earth, an enemy machine gun opened fire on him, spraying its lead across the field.  Down he went, lying motionless on the ground – simulating death.

Even time itself seemed to have been frozen in the bitter cold, he thought, as he impatiently lay in the field waiting for a chance to scramble toward the other units.  Communications had to be restored!

John Bowen eventually completed his mission and somebody took notice of his brave actions.  For his heroism, lives were saved.  For his uniform, a Silver Star.

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